Our Contracts

Past Performance
  • Government
  • BPA (Blank Purchase Agreement) 11/7/2007 – 11/7/2012 Contract # HC1019-08-A-2000, Issued by DISA/DICTO-PAC
  • U.S. Dept. of Defense, State of Hawaii (DOT)
DISA/BPA Contract # HC1010-08-A-2000 Contract Duration: 11/7/2007 – 11/7/2012 BPA Master limit

  • This BPA (Blank Purchase Agreement) is to acquire various information technology and telecommunication equipment, supplies and services for the Pacific Region, including various locations throughout Asia.
AAFES (Army Air Force Exchange Services) master contract # SCH 05-675: Contract Duration: 6/7/2006-12/31/2015

  • Master contract # SCH 05-675. Total value: Contract performed at two military installations (Army Schofield Barracks and Hickam Air Force Base). Contract consists of computer/laptop/laser printer repair store.
  • Average repair volume 200 pieces or more computer equipment a month.

Sea Port Contract: N00178-09-D-5797

  • Issued By: Naval Surface Warfare Center 17632 Dahlgren Road, Suite 157 Dahlgren, VA 22448-5110

State of Hawaii Contracts

  • Department of Data Systems, City & County of Honolulu, PO on computer parts
    Child Support Enforcement Agency, State of Hawaii, PO on custom build computers
Department of Defense Contracts

Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH), Kaneohe, Hawaii

  • Sub-contracted under Corporate Documents Info Spec to provide maintenance/services for Common Access Card (CAC) at Anderson Hall Building and Flight Line. Contract Duration: 11/1/2006- Present

DITCO-PACIFIC BPA (Blank Purchase Agreement) for IT and Telcom Equipment

DITCO-PACIFIC BPA (Blank Purchase Agreement) for IT and Telcom Labor

  • Equant- Provide onsite Break/FIX on IBM compatible and Macintosh computers. These brands include Compaq, HP, IBM, and E-machine. Installed and configured CISCO routers, RACAL DSU, and local area networks at various corporate sites. Sites include Honolulu International Airport, Japan Airlines, and Continental Airlines
  • American Business Technologies- Installed and configured the DELL POS systems in all the Nextel locations on Oahu. Also configured CISCO routers through Gentronics.
  • Vital Networks- Maintains the wireless network for various Oahu, HI locations such as Star Bucks and Borders. Each store had its own CISCO router and wireless routers.
  • SITA-Designed and installed cat5e cable in air Canada, JAL, and Continental
  • Emery World Wide- Configured a racal modem and a CISCO router connected to an IBM Netfinity Server using a 128k line to be connected to all the Emery locations. Configured Dell Workstations connected to a centralized hub. There are more than 200 workstations in Emery worldwide.
  • AT and T WESCO- The first phase was to do a network evaluation. Installed and configured the CISCO router and DSU. They have about 50 workstations.
  • HWI-MCI International- Went to MCI and did an end to end installation from local pop to the site.
  • Bank Of Hawaii>/ Visa DPS- Installed and configured there CISCO router located at the data center. They have over 500 workstations.
  • AVIS AND BUDGET RENTAL CAR- Cable extensions from the demarc. Installed and configured there CISCO routers.
  • Nextel- Installed and configured the POS system island wide.
  • Jetstar – PCS installed and configured Wyse terminals into the existing airline booking system network. PCS configured the LAN WAN networks so the Australia home office could communicate with the Honolulu Airport terminals.
  • Philippine Consulate General Honolulu: Maintain the network and workstations.
  • Kaumakapili Church: Maintain their Workstations and Church software
  • Federated States of Micronesia Consulate General Honolulu– Maintained their LAN net works used as file and print server
  • Olomana Orchids – Maintained their LAN network.
  • Weno, Chuuk State FSM- Chuuk College, Chuuk Public Utility Corporation, Department of Education IRAS, COCA (Chuuk Organization Community for Action), Supreme Court Chuuk Division
  • Ponhpei, FSM– JCN, Department Of Communication, Supreme Court Chief Justice Office, Attorney General’s Office, Department of Education, College Of Micronesia, Department of Economic Affairs, Pohnpei State Health, Department of Port Authority
  • Kosrae , FSM- Department of Agriculture, Department of Budget
  • Yap, FSM- Yap Visitors Bureau, Yap Department of Budget, Yap Public Utility Corporation
  • Furnish custom-built computers from PCS. Furnished IT and Telcom needs. Designed and installed the local area networks and Wide Area Networks in their office. Also provided help desk technical support. Designed and installed the local area networks in their office. Also provided help desk technical support. Maintained their current LAN consisted of Windows Small Business Server OS.

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